Hammacher.com Website Review & Ratings + Hammacher Schlemmer Coupons
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Hammacher.com Website Review & Ratings + Hammacher Schlemmer Coupons

Hammacher Schlemmer: Products & Services

Hammacher Schlemmer's motto is "Offering the best, the only and the unexpected for 164 years". Hammacher Schlemmer sells a huge variety of great items ranging from clothes to electronic, household items and home decor, to sports equipment and holiday decorations. Hammacher Schlemmer sells many unique and unusual items that are hard or impossible to find elsewhere. 

At Hammacher Schlemmer customers can find:



Home Living

Outdoor Living

Personal Care

Sports & Leisure

Toys & Games

New Arrivals


Special Values

Hammacher Schlemmer: Company Background

Hammacher Schlemmer was founded by William Tollner in 1848. Hammacher Schlemmer is one of the oldest mail order retailers in the United States and today sends their catalogs out to over 30 million customers. In 1980, Hammacher Schlemmeris was purchased by J. Roderick MacArthur, the founded of the Bradford Exchange, and today Hammacher Schlemmeris is owned by his heirs.Today, Hammacher Schlemmer still offers their famous catalog, has one retail location and has an excellent online store for customers to enjoy. Hammacher Schlemmer opened their website in 1998 and their landmark brick and mortar store is located in New York. 

Hammacher Schlemmer contact information:
9180 LeSaint Dr.
Fairfield, OH 45014

Toll-Free 1-800-321-1484 

Hammacher Schlemmer: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Online customer reviews for Hammacher Schlemmer are mixed; however, there are more positive reviews than negative reviews.

Positive customer reviews commented on:

  • Great selection of products
  • Unique products
  • Good customer service
  • Life time guarantee
  • Great catalog

Negative customers reviews commented on:

  • Expensive
  • Difficult returns without packing slip/receipt

Some customer reviews were:

"I used to think that the stuff they sell on their website was very cool and interesting but not anymore . Now I just think that most of their stuff is overpriced and not the most updated . However , I still like to browse through their catalogs and online website for fun . Their stuff might be cool and cute , but not worth buying . I was excited to come to the actual store because this is the only Hammacher Schlemmer store that exists..."

"Lots of expensive things that are hi-tech...and will take up valuable apartment space"

"There is only one Hammacher Schlemmer. I love this store. I've spent thousands of dollars over a lifetime here. BUT BEWARE: H-S has a lifetime guarantee on EVERYTHING THEY SELL, which is amazing, BUT THEY WILL DO NOTHING TO ASSIST in the event of a return or a replacement if you don't have the invoice. All of my purchases have been my mail order so I thought they would be the record keeper for all purchases. NOT SO...."

"This is the place to find presents to boast about.  I love the flagship NYC store.  I frequently drop by to see the new toys on display.  They have cool radios, camera equipment, stuff for the outdoor enthusiast and home appliances.  Unfortunately, this place will hurt on your wallet since they have the latest gadgets and toys, so its not exactly a bargain basement.  However, the quality of the items they carry are top notch and they usually backup all of their goods with a lifetime guarantee..."

"i need a manual for the peaceful progression clock, called them, even offered to pay for one.  their policy is not to send one to anyone without an order on file. i received this as a gift, now i gotta figure out how to use this myself. no online ones as well.  bad policy..."

Hammacher Schlemmer: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Hammacher Schlemmer is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau; however they do have a BBB rating of "F". Over the last three years, there has been ten complaints filed against Hammacher Schlemmer with the Better Business Bureau; eight of the complaints was due to problems with products/services, one was due to delivery issues and one was due to billing/collection issues. Hammacher Schlemmer has a "F" BBB rating due to them not responding to four complaints. 

Hammacher Schlemmer: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Hammacher Schlemmer website popularity:

  • Hammacher Schlemmer has a worldwide Alexa traffic rating of 15,035 out of 30 million websites
  • Hammacher Schlemmer has a Google pagerank of five out of ten.
  • The Hammacher Schlemmer site gets around 19,725 unique visitors daily, which account for about 71,010 daily page views
  • About 53.5 % of the visitors to the Hammacher Schlemmer site are American.
Hammacher Schlemmer: Social Media Presence

Hammacher Schlemmer social media presence:

  • Hammacher Schlemmer can be followed on Facebook; they have 5,737 likes on Facebook and have 321 people talking about them. Hammacher Schlemmer updates their Facebook page several times a week. 
  • Hammacher Schlemmer can be followed on Twitter; they have 1588 followers on Twitter and have posted 1299 tweets. Hammacher Schlemmer tweets several times a day.
  • Hammacher Schlemmer is on Google Plus and Pinterest
  • Hammacher Schlemmer is on Want.
  • Hammacher Schlemmer offers an email mailing list that customers can sign up for to keep up to date with all their great sales and new products.
Hammacher Schlemmer: Website Security & Safety

Hammacher Schlemmer offers customers a very secure online shopping experience. Hammacher Schlemmer uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to encrypt customers' private information to help keep it safe from hackers and identity theft. Google Safe Browsing lists the Hammacher Schlemmer site as "not suspicious" and states that no malicious software or suspicious content has been detected on it in the last ninety days. The Hammacher Schlemmer site has not hosted any malicious software over the past 90 days.

Hammacher Schlemmer: Pricing & Packages

Hammacher Schlemmer tends to be expensive as they offer many exclusive items that are hard to find elsewhere. However, in a price comparison of two items that can be found at Hammacher Schlemmer and at another online store, Hammacher Schlemmer's backpack vacuum was less expensive than their leading competitor's was, and both stores offered the Dirt Detecting Radio Frequency Roomba for the exact same price.

The Backpack Vacuum.

  • Hammacher Schlemmer: $199.95
  • Leading competitor: $269.99

The Dirt Detecting Radio Frequency Roomba.

  • Hammacher Schlemmer: $699.95
  • Leading competitor: $699.95
Hammacher Schlemmer: Shipping Rates & Policies

Hammacher Schlemmer shipping rates and policies: 

  • Hammacher Schlemmer ships within the USA, to Canada and to numerous international locations.
  • For American orders, Hammacher Schlemmer offers three shipping methods; standard, premium and express. In addition, large items are shipped by truck.

Standard shipping on American orders vary depending on the total cost of the order:

  • Orders that cost $45.00 and under cost $7.95 for standard shipping
  • Orders that cost from $45.01 - $75.00 cost $11.95 for standard shipping
  • Orders that cost from $75.01 - $145.00 cost $16.95 for standard shipping
  • Orders that cost from $145.01 - $245.00 cost $22.95 for standard shipping
  • Orders that cost from $245.01 - $345.00 cost $28.95 for standard shipping
  • Orders that cost from $345.01 - $445.00 cost $34.95 for standard shipping
  • Orders that cost from $445.01 - $900.00 cost $46.95 for standard shipping
  • Orders that cost over $900.00 cost 6% of order cost for standard shipping

Premium shipping on American orders costs:

  • For orders under 10 pounds, standard shipping charges as listed above plus an additional $12.95
  • For orders over 10 pounds, customers are asked to contact Hammacher Schlemmer's customer service for a quote. 

Express shipping on American orders costs:

  • For order under 10 pounds, standard shipping charges as listed above plus an additional $24.95
  • For orders over 10 pounds, customers are asked to contact Hammacher Schlemmer's customer service for a quote. 

Canadian and international shipping:

  • Canadian and international customers are asked to call Hammacher Schlemmer's customer service for shipping quote.
  • Canadiansare asked to call 1-800-321-1484 
  • International customers are asked to call 1-513-860-3397

Hammacher Schlemmer: Payment Methods Accepted

Hammacher Schlemmer offers numerous payment options. Hammacher Schlemmer accepts:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover/NOVUS
  • Diners Club
  • Hammacher Schlemmer Gift Certificates
  • PayPal
  • Bill Me Later; Bill Me Later is only available for approved customers.

Customers shopping in person at Hammacher Schlemmer New York store can also pay with cash. 

Hammacher Schlemmer: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Hammacher Schlemmer return/refund policy:

  • Hammacher Schlemmer offers a life time guarantee on all their products.
  • To make returns easy, Hammacher Schlemmer includes an UPS Authorized Return Service Label with every order. UPS Authorized Return Service Labels are only usable by American customers. 
  • Returns made after 12 months are refunded via gift certificate.

To make a return:

  • Customers should complete the return form that is located on the back of their packing slip.
  • Fill out the UPS return form that was included in the order
  • Package the item to be returned securely and affix UPS return label to it. . 
  • Drop the package off at an UPS store, UPS Drop Box, UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet or give to any UPS driver.
  • A $10.95 return shipping fee will be deducted from the refund. 
  • For customers outside the 48 Contiguous States, the item should be returned by whatever delivery service the customer prefers.

Hammacher Schlemmer: Product images & screenshots
Hammacher Schlemmer Coupons
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